Everyone comes to the work in their own way, for their own reasons, in their own time. For some, that reason is to seek a safe space to explore and grow as they need;  to others its a dedicated ear and a mind trained to help them resolve emotional conflicts, stress, anxiety, depression, etc.; others simply seek to be seen and embraced (in all their human messiness) by someone who understands. Whatever journey has led you here, my goal is to help you step into the fullness of your beautiful self and live the best life possible.

Person centered. Trauma Informed. Anti-oppressive.

Kink, Poly / CNM, and Sex Work affirmative.


Cisgender and heterosexual friendly.

James Mallari

What to Expect

Because neither people, nor effective therapies, are one-size-fits-all,  my therapeutic engagements start with a process of working collaboratively with clients to identify the goals for our work together and the most effective approaches to attain them.

My therapeutic style is eclectic, humanistic, and integrative in nature - incorporating evidence based methods including: person-centered/ non-directive, cognitive behavioral, mindfulness and compassion, and expressive arts based modalities.



Depending on each client's needs, my approach can range from more non-directive and exploration driven to more highly structured modalities like CBT.

My approach is also experiential in that I work with clients to not only explore and understand the internal, interpersonal, and societal forces affecting their journey, but to also take concrete steps to reclaim a sense of empowered self-direction in their lives.

Common Issues




Chronic Illness / Disability Experiences

BIPOC Experiences

Sexual Orientation

Gender Identity & Transition

Transgender Experiences

Transgender Parenthood

Oppression-Based Stress / Social Stigma

Life Transitions

Complicated / Toxic Family Stress

Fees and Billing


$100-$250 per session

(Limited sliding scale options available).

Insurance Policy


Unfortunately, I am unable to receive in-network payment or out of network reimbursement at this time.